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Gold Buy procedure in Spain

he pre-buys gold refinery in Spain lingotado (can not get gold nuggets or dust)

· Method

  • Signed contracts refinery (Barcelona Spain). Before it is advisable to keep a first encounter with the legal representative who will check (owner), in order to dispel any question of interest.
  • Gold is received at Refinery address.
  • Gold Is refined
  • Payment 48 hours after we receive gold
  • The facilitator or facilitators, their commissions should agree with the owner! The refinery is not in this case. But if the discount is greater than 10% and you want it, we can handle the commissions.
  • The refining capacity is approximately 50 kg per day
  • We will pay at least ten percent (-10% LBMA) with reference to the 2nd London ¬†Fixing.
  • It will cover reception costs for customs, armored transport, and refining analysis cup to 24K (which is what eventually billed the seller).
  • Under no circumstances and under no circumstances issue financial instruments SBLC, BG, LC … etc. … no locks are held funds.


Any questions regarding this am at your disposal!

Please contact us only if you agree with our Gold Buy Procedure in Spain