Gold Spain Purchase terms and Conditions

no upfront payment pay after assay at refinery
We buy gold bars in refinery located in Spain (can not get gold nuggets or dust)

· Method

  • Signed contracts refinery (Cordoba Spain). Before it is advisable to keep a first encounter with the legal representative who will check (owner), in order to dispel any question of interest.
  • Gold is received at Refinery address.
  • Gold Is refined
  • Payment 48 hours after we receive gold
  • The facilitator or facilitators, their commissions should agree with the owner! The refinery is not in this case. But if the discount is greater than 10% and you want it, we can handle the commissions.
  • The refining capacity is approximately 50 kg per day
  • We will pay at least ten percent (-10% LBMA) with reference to the 2nd London ¬†Fixing.
  • It will cover reception costs for customs, armored transport, and refining analysis cup to 24K (which is what eventually billed the seller).
  • Under no circumstances and under no circumstances issue financial instruments SBLC, BG, LC … etc. … no locks are held funds.

Any questions regarding this am at your disposal!

Contact us with your gold offer and procedure

We are located in the Biggest jewelry industrial park of Europe:

Remember that: Discounted gold dont exist!
Even the a boy located at the most remote area of Africa knows the gold market price!

If you are a seller and want to offers us gold, dont loose your time and read carefully this:

1. We dont do any upfront payment

2. We dont pay for shipping of gold

3. We dont give invitation letters or visas

4. Find the way to get the visa, come to spain or send the gold to us

5. If you contact us tell us the reason why you dont sell to your local refinery


If you are a buyer and you are trying to buy, dont loose your time with scammers on internet.

Maybe its not easy to undertands for you or you are confused because you have already hundred of people that claims to be seller at your skype or facebook, sending hundreds of kilos of gold offers with -10%, -20% even -30% of discount

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