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Gold Buy procedure in Spain

he pre-buys gold refinery in Spain lingotado (can not get gold nuggets or dust)

· Method

  • Signed contracts refinery (Barcelona Spain). Before it is advisable to keep a first encounter with the legal representative who will check (owner), in order to dispel any question of interest.
  • Gold is received at Refinery address.
  • Gold Is refined
  • Payment 48 hours after we receive gold
  • The facilitator or facilitators, their commissions should agree with the owner! The refinery is not in this case. But if the discount is greater than 10% and you want it, we can handle the commissions.
  • The refining capacity is approximately 50 kg per day
  • We will pay at least ten percent (-10% LBMA) with reference to the 2nd London  Fixing.
  • It will cover reception costs for customs, armored transport, and refining analysis cup to 24K (which is what eventually billed the seller).
  • Under no circumstances and under no circumstances issue financial instruments SBLC, BG, LC … etc. … no locks are held funds.


Any questions regarding this am at your disposal!

Please contact us only if you agree with our Gold Buy Procedure in Spain

kojo kouwsi – Cote DIvoire – gold

Name: kojo kouwsi
Email: coperative_serviceinfo@

Questions/Comments: Good day  Sir

we are a coperatives mining members here in a village called Sigila some
kilometers away from the commercial capital of Cote D’Ivoire, and we do
mine Gold dust worth of 22 carat plus while the purity of 98.05% pure and
if you are in need of Gold bars then we are ready to supply it to you as
well and the price we are selling Gold bars is cheaper than international
market price.

we are willing to supply you any quantities you may want to purchase from

As soon as I hear from you that you will purchase the Gold then I shall in
return send to you our FCO for your review.

My best regards to you and do not hesitate to reply me ASAP following your
calling me directly on +22508247XXX.

Yours sincerely.

kojo kouwsi

IP Address:



We only first transactions after we receive samples, by experience nobody will send samples by the same reason nobody will send money by post.

 So if you could come with gold to spain let me know, but there is no sense you will come to spain because you can sell that in cote d’Ivory
good luck!
second email:
 Dear Mr M. Garcia,Thank you for your mail and the content were well understood, however, I would like to do business with you and your company. However, I will like you to understand me because Gold business is a matter of understanding & trust for both parties and you should bear in mind that we will be ready and willing to ship the Gold to your refinery in Spain based in the sense that if you can pay for the transport cost and Govt tax directly to our Agent who is now in Paris France. For the sample , we had been sending sample to client but due to the fact that some buyer when you send them sample that they do run away with it so therefore we decided that we can no longer sending sample to any buyer that if you want to purchase then you can arrange for meeting face to face so that everything will be conducted practically to avoid any doubt of mind from both parties.


In the first business like this I am suggesting to you for you to make an arrangement to either you personally or your representative to visit me here so that he will know me and have the Gold tested before lifting it directly to your refinery along with our representative for the final assay before the full payment of the first trail order directly to our nominated bank account that I will provide for you.

Again, I hereby informing you that what ever that may be the transport cost and the Govt tax, export documentation that you are going to deduct it during the final payment of the Gold. Note that my Gold worth of 22 carat plus while the purity is 92% and we do not want to be selling our Gold here rather we want to be selling internationally and aw well looking for partnership business with a foreign company who can still help us for the mining equipments for the production in a larger quantities.

Finally, I will like to sign contract agreement with your company for one year supply and our monthly supply will be 50kg to 100 kg per monthly and upon hearing from you then I shall send to you our FCO so that you will go through it and sign before we proceed on without any delay.

My best regards to you and awaiting for your reply ASAP following your calling me on +22508247XXX.
Yours sincerely.
Mr Kojo Kouwsi.


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